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In this beautiful month of June I’ll be featuring inspiring stories of fellow endo sisters on their journey to find Peace with Endo. I’m super excited to share this with you.

It begins with Heather’s story. Check it out below.

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A Scary & Difficult Diagnosis

My name is Heather and I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2009 after a laparotomy. My long-term partner and I had just separated when my symptoms became debilitating.

My former partner moved about three hours away and I was living all alone in a place I hated with no friends or family (I moved for my partner) and so it was a very, very scary time for me.

I was also teaching special education at a middle school in Maryland at the time and so trying to keep up with that, while also being alone and frightened was very difficult.

After my surgery I moved home to Virginia.  I really had to begin re-evaluating my life and what had caused me to develop endometriosis and interstitial cystitis.

I was in a very deep depression due to my multiple diagnosis’ and the fears surrounding that so I knew I had to find some way to rise above the pain and the fear I was experiencing in order to make my way back into the light.

Can I really heal myself?

I decided to google “overcoming interstitial cystitis”.  Those three words really changed my life.

I began reading inspirational stories about women who healed from both endometriosis and IC, most notably Catherine Simone and Carolyn Levett.

I ordered their books and devoured them, staying up late into the night reading their words and stories.  They gave me hope when nobody else could.  I owe my life to those brave, determined women!

I had chosen my path but still, it was not easy.  I doubted myself.  Could I really heal my body?  I lacked so much confidence, this was all so new to me!

I had been raised in a very traditional family where you go to the doctor if you get sick and trust him/her to make you better. I was not taught that I had the capacity to heal myself.

Slowly my awareness began to shift.

I started reading about the mind, body, spirit connection and I began to see, for the first time, how my own personal traumas and sensitivities contributed to the sickness in my body.  I knew I needed to address all three aspects of my self in order to truly heal my LIFE.

This was not just about my body anymore but my body was speaking to me and I was listening!

Figuring out what to eat

The big issue to tackle on a physical level is what to eat.  After lots of research and experimentation, I was able to find the diet I feel suits the needs of my body best.

It is difficult to make this shift when you are used to eating the way most folks in our modern world eat!  But nourishing your body and spirit with wholesome, real food is well worth the rewards.

It is a bit more expensive to consume healthy foods, however, there are ways to make it more affordable.  For example, I do not purchase all organic fruits and vegetables.  I just peel all of my produce and rinse.

You can also save money by spending less time eating out, which is far more expensive than cooking at home.

You might just surprise yourself by what an amazing and innovative cook you will become!  I know I have developed a passion for healthy cooking, something I never could have imagined in 2009 after my initial diagnosis.

Healing Past Traumas

While I knew that changing my diet was important, I also knew that I had to address my emotions as well.

I began this journey by reading about the repressed emotions behind my illnesses.  Louise Hay was a very helpful author for me at this time.

Reading about repressed emotions forced me to look at my past.  While it is painful to look at past trauma, it is also a very important part of the healing process.

We all have some sort of trauma or woundedness in our lives that needs healing, this is simply part of the human experience and nothing to fear.

It does take a certain amount of courage to re-visit past trauma, however, I have discovered that women with endometriosis are some of the strongest, most beautiful women I have had the honor of connecting with.

Final Inspiring Words

I began my healing journey feeling vulnerable but determined!  I made a commitment to heal my body and my life, and although I didn’t know how I was going to do it, I knew that because I made that commitment to myself, the Universe would guide me.

It is not an easy path and there are of course setbacks.  It’s one step forwards, two steps backs.  Healing is a journey of a lifetime, a process that unfolds slowly over time.

Be patient and gentle with yourself.

If there is one thing I have learned from this entire experience it is self-love, love is perhaps the most important lesson this journey has blessed me with.

You deserve your own love as much as anybody else! Hold that truth in your heart and don’t ever let it go.  It is this love that will sustain you through the darkest days and bring you to your most profound truths.



Want to connect with Heather further? Check out her blog, Inspiration Sanctuary, here.

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