April 26, 2011. It was the day I was wheeled into an operating room in exploration of a dis-ease I’d only heard of a few months before: endometriosis.

One of the last images I saw before I went under was one of the nurses in a pair of red devil horns. I kid you not.

Then the lights went out.

I woke a few hours later in a great amount of pain. The nurse pumped more pain killers into me and soon the nausea followed.

The surgeon came to talk to me in my haze from the anesthesia. Endometriosis was confirmed, but he said he took care of it.

I did my best not to puke all over his shoes. It was a long drive home.

Conventional Treatment for Endometriosis

I had a follow up visit a few weeks later with the surgeon where he laid out the conventional treatment options…

#1. Birth Control Pills

Been there, done that. I took the pill for ten years. I’d finally gone off of it and mentally I was feeling more like myself. I didn’t want to go back down that road.

#2. Lupron

No way. At this point I’d been active in endo support groups and I heard many negative stories of women who’d experienced long term side effects from Lupron. It was a short term fix, with potentially long term consequences.

#3. More Surgeries

I was also no stranger to the fact that there were a lot of endo sisters having multiple surgeries. Many weren’t finding long term relief and had resigned to the fact that recurring surgeries had to be part of the story.

I later learned about the differences between excision and ablation, and while excision is the better surgical choice by far, many ladies I connected with had had multiple excision surgeries as well.

It took my body a long time to heal from surgery, which I assume was done via ablation. The first three to four months afterwards my cycles were rough. My periods were still incredibly painful and I had new pain from the impact surgery had on my body.

I knew that I didn’t want to have to do that again anytime soon.

Stepping into the world of holistic healing

I didn’t like the options presented by the doctors, but I understood that they offered what they had at hand.

The truth is, if you want something different you have to pave your own way.

So, I did just that. I stepped into the world of alternative holistic healing.

Little did I know then the overwhelm that would follow. I faced an overload of information. There were so many suggestions out there, many of which contradicted with each other.

I read hundreds of books on health and healing and went to school for a year at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) to learn even more.

I have shared hundreds of blog posts here in this space, chronicling all that I’ve learned along the way, and the trial and error that came from that.

I began to piece things together, and started seeing health and healing in a whole picture of body, mind and spirit. That full picture seemed to be missing from the doctor’s offices.

A road map to healing

After seven years into this holistic journey, I feel I’ve got a much better grasp on what works for me, and after coaching other endo sisters for the past four years, I’m reminded of the road blocks that come up along the way.

I would have appreciated a road map when I first jumped in, some direction and clear steps to take.

That’s why I’m still here writing to you now, even though much of the symptoms I’ve struggled with for so long are no longer an issue.

My intention is to help make it easier for you.

Tuning into what works for you

I’ve tried so many things over the years and if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that everyone’s different. There are no clear cut answers.

One of the best complements I’ve heard from my clients as they end their six months with me is that they have more awareness of themselves.

I helped them connect to the spiritual part of themselves, the soul energy and innate internal wisdom that knows the way.

Healing’s a life long journey and the holistic way requires patience, but when you connect back to the true you it’s so much easier to find your way.

My Why?

Why? I ask this question often. It’s part of me.

My WHY for Peace with Endo is right there in the name.

I hope to inspire you to find peace and to see that you already have the power inside of you to choose a different path of healing that’s deeper and so much longer lasting.

I’m here to inspire you to heal and to remind you that it’s possible.

Step back and see the big picture. There’s no quick fix for endo, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t hope.

On the positive side?

If you are in need of a direction on this holistic healing journey, if you’re ready to take the next step, commit and change your life…

I invite you to join me in Peace with Endo Connect, an online membership program for empowered ladies with endometriosis who want to manage the pain in a holistic way, are ready to show up and hold space for each other, and believe that it’s possible to get better.

➡️ Learn more & join us here.

Thank you for being part of this community, love. You are my why. I want you to feel better, and I want to make it easier for you to do so.

Sending lots of love,

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