Episode 24 of the Peace with Endo Podcast features a chat I had with fellow endo sister Naomi Pereira. She’s a Hatha Yoga teacher and Tantrika as well as an energy healer. She helps transform trauma and its manifestations into expansion with energy work.

Using tools of meditation, yoga and the science of Tantra for energy healing, she no longer suffers from severe discomfort from endometriosis and the endometrioma she had on her ovary shrunk!

She shares some of her story and offers advice on how you too can tap into the power of energy healing. Her energy is infectious providing hope and inspiration for those of you who may be struggling.

⬆️ Take a listen above.

About Naomi Pereira
Naomi Pereira
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Naomi is a survivor of repeated sexual trauma. Along the way she developed a large tumor in her thyroid that made her very ill, and it was removed surgically. Later on she discovered she had endometriosis and a non viable ovary due to an endometrioma.

She embarked on a self healing journey where her energetic potential was unveiled to her and she learnt how to heal herself through meditation, yoga and the science of Tantra.

Through these practices she has healed the endometriosis and no longer suffers from severe discomfort. Through her daily Tantra yoga practice she developed a profound understanding of energy and how it circulates.

The gift of healing others came to her from her practice and she shares this as an energy healer. She now teaches yoga and Tantra professionally to demonstrate this latent ability we all possess inside.

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website: Naomi on True Yoga Reviews

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