Episode 26 of the Peace with Endo Podcast features a chat I had with Tia Collis, a fellow endo sister and entrepreneur who owns a fabulous LulaRoe Boutique.

She shares some of her journey with endo, infertility and IVF and what’s helped pull her through when things got rough along the way. 

⬆️ Take a listen above.

About Tia Collis
Tia Collis LulaRoe
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Tia Collis is a 34 year old Entrepreneur/IVF Mommy, and Owner of a LuLaRoe Boutique. She was diagnosed with Stage 4 Endo at age 27 and underwent her first surgery at that time, being told she would never have children unless through IVF.

Tia had a hysterectomy at the age of 33 and has taken control of her health both endo and Hashimoto’s Disease through self care, prayer, diet, and exercise. She does not let her diseases define her and has overcome her battle by focusing on helping other ladies through her LuLaRoe Boutique.

Tia loves helping women feel beautiful through fashion! Tia also recently started an infertility support group in her home town of West Virginia.

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