September 16, 2012 was the first time I published a post here on the blog. It’s hard to believe that it has been six years! Since that time Peace with Endo has expanded into a worldwide community and I’ve expanded along with it.

My perspective has shifted quite a bit since that first post and since I shared my journey and lessons learned in my first book From Pain to Peace with Endo, which came out nearly four years ago. These shifts have stimulated a desire to put out a second edition of the book. Yay!

I’ve been working on these revisions over the past couple of weeks and thought I’d share six of them with you today, in honor of Peace with Endo’s sixth birthday.

#1. Stay away from eggs.

I was eating a good amount of eggs up until a couple of years ago when I picked up a life-changing book called Medical Medium. Eggs feed viruses and bacteria. They stimulate growth in your body.

If you think about what an egg is and what its purpose is, it makes sense. If you’re struggling with cysts that won’t go away definitely stay away from the eggs. I feel better since eliminating them from my diet.

#2. Stop focusing so much on hormones.

When I first started on this journey with endo and began my research into how to manage it, my attention naturally went to the hormonal interplay going on.

Endometriosis is an estrogen dominant condition. So my thought process was…
Estrogen feeds it.
Estrogen is evil!
Just add progesterone.

Turns out things aren’t that simple. There’s a lot that goes on in your body and the solution isn’t as clear cut as adding in progesterone cream, especially since a lot of ladies with endo have progesterone resistance (learn more about that here).

Healing must happen on a whole system level addressing the health of your liver, gut and lymphatic system. Strengthen your immune system and you’re well on your way to healing your body naturally.

#3. There are viral and bacteria components to consider.

Since reading Medical Medium I learned about the role of the Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) and Strep bacteria, both of which can cause a host of symptoms that tend to be collected under a bucket of “autoimmune” conditions.

These factors are powerful and wreck havoc with your nervous and immune systems. When you take measures to kill off these factors, it makes a big difference!

#4. Your body’s not attacking itself.

The idea of autoimmune diseases is presented as your body attacking itself. That’s a depressing, self-defeating thought that leads to a belief that there’s nothing that can be done. My body’s working against me!

That’s not true! Your body wants to heal. Another tidbit I learned from Medical Medium is that it’s these viral and bacteria components that are attacking your cells and tissues, not your own immune system.

#5. Celery juice is a powerful addition.

Another lesson I picked up from Medical Medium. Celery juice helps to strengthen up your stomach acid, which is the ticket to strengthening your digestive tract, where nearly 80% of your immune system is.

I’ve been juicing 16 ounces of fresh organic celery juice in the morning on an empty stomach for the past couple of years and it has made a world of difference! Many foods that caused reactions in the past no longer do. I have regular healthy bowel movements and little to no digestive issues any more. Hallelujah!

Beware that celery juice can be detoxing so you may experience symptoms with it. I had loose bowels for about a month before that finally settled. I’ve heard that it can cause some nausea as it works toxins from your liver and kidneys. Those symptoms should eventually pass, but if it’s too much then back off the dose.

#6. Sleep is a key component to healing.

When I first wrote From Pain to Peace with Endo I gave little attention to sleep, which is a major part of healing your body. It doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. When I don’t sleep enough it throws everything off.

If you’re having an emotional type day or feeling like everything is wrong pause and check in. Did you get enough sleep the night before? It really impacts how you feel both physically and mentally.

On the Positive Side?

I’m hoping to have the second edition of From Pain to Peace with Endo out soon so that these lessons are passed on in a bigger way. Stay tuned for updates on that.

The process of healing is a lifelong journey and I’m sure that my perception about things will continue to shift. As a forever student and teacher I’m here to share my own experience, but I know that everyone’s different. So, I’d love to know…

What has helped you along the way? Have you had any shifts in perception on your healing journey?

Share your insights with us in the comments below.

Much LOVE,

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