I set a pretty high reading goal for 2018 on GoodReads: 88 books! I was on track up until a couple of months ago when most of my free time shifted to creating (and re-creating) my books.

I found myself with a week left in the year and six books from my reading goal. Even though I knew this came down to about a book a day, the natural achiever in me couldn’t let it go, not when I’d come so far.

So, I’ve spent the past week sprinting towards my goal. Who knew all that speed reading in college would come in handy now? LOL.

After indulging in a few books in my favorite YA fantasy genre and a quick murder mystery thriller, I was down to two more.

The book I’m spending the last days of 2018 reading? Medical Medium: Liver Rescue by Anthony William. William’s books have changed my life and I always come away with so many Aha! moments.

It’s all about your liver.

I’m about half way through Medical Medium: Liver Rescue as I write this, and I’m already bursting with information! There are so many connections coming together in my mind, and I’m excited to share all of this with you as we embark on a new year.

In a nutshell: It’s all about your liver.

If you want to get on the path to feeling better with endometriosis and heal your body, then your liver must be addressed.

I’m pretty well convinced, half-way through Medical Medium: Liver Rescue, that my liver is sluggish. My blood is thick. The aches and pains in my joints, chemical sensitivities, swollen lymph nodes, varicose veins and more… are all because my liver’s overburdened.

While I’ve come a long way on my healing journey, I’ve been re-awakened to the fact that for most of my life I’ve been beating down my liver and even after changing things over the past seven years, my liver is still struggling.

That’s because I’ve been unknowingly doing things that aren’t helping my liver.

Toxic overload…

When I first started the blog here I was doing monthly liver and gallbladder cleanses. The cleanses were intense, but I knew back then that the liver was important, and if I could heal it, I believed I’d be on the way to healing from endometriosis.

Except looking back with the information I’ve learned from William, I see now how those intense liver and gallbladder cleanses were hurting my liver more than they were helping, especially since during that time I experienced a lot of other emotional and physical stress that wore out my liver even more.

And as a result I burnt out.

I was extremely fatigued all the time. There were days driving home from work when I thought I was going to fall asleep at the wheel at a red light. I could barely keep my eyes open. I had little motivation.

Shortly thereafter I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. As I started to learn more about this autoimmune thyroid condition I thought I understood more of why I felt the way I did. I blamed the fatigue on my thyroid.

Then I found Anthony William. He taught me about the role of the Epstein Barr Virus with chronic illness, including Hashimoto’s and endometriosis.

And it was as if I could finally see clearly. Things made sense. Connections were made, many of which I’ve shared along the way here on the blog.

Immortal cells & resilient viruses…

Ironically as I’m reading Medical Medium: Liver Rescue I’ve also been reading The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.

Have you read this one? Super interesting.

Henrietta Lacks had cervical cancer back in the 1950’s, which quickly took her life. Before she died, a doctor took a swab of the cancerous cervical cells and sent them to a scientist who was trying to culture cells.

Previously, cells cultured from human cells would only survive for a few days, but cells from Lacks’ tumor behaved differently. The cells multiplied and grew without its host.

Those cells from Henrietta Lacks named “HeLa” ended up prospering and were sent to scientists around the world to study. HeLa cells helped the creation of the polio vaccine, IVF and more.

I found the book to be a fascinating look at Henrietta’s life and all that came from her immortal cells. There’s a quote in the book that says,

“Only cells that had been transformed by a virus or a genetic mutation had the potential to become immortal.”

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot

The words made me pause. After learning from Anthony William and his Medical Medium books the first thought that came to mind was the Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) and how resilient it is.

Later study of the HeLa cells showed the presence of the human papillomavirus virus (HPV), which falls within the herpes family, but I would venture to guess that EBV was present too.

These are resilient viruses. Reading about the growth of the HeLa cells and how much they’ve been used in science experiments makes me wonder what impact that had on the spread of these viruses?

After finishing The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks I learned that a lot of the viral component present in HeLA cells was covered up by medical communities. Who knows what impact HeLa really had?

Toxic overload, endometriosis & liver health

The lessons from Anthony William bring this full circle. Resilient viruses like EBV are a big reason why your liver struggles. EBV feeds on heavy metals and toxins, which your liver works hard to process or stores. So, EBV loves living in your liver.

Toxic overload + resilient viruses + endo + liver health… It’s all connected.

I also found it interesting that Henrietta Lacks had cervical cancer. One of the doctors at John Hopkins that was involved in her case was Richard Wesley TeLinde, a cervical cancer expert, who also made early, important discoveries about endometriosis.

I wonder if Henrietta had undiagnosed endo too? I couldn’t help thinking that as I read her story.

The connections between the two books certainly made me wonder more about things. What if the scientists had tested for EBV back then? I bet it was present in the cells, if they knew what they were looking for.

It would certainly explain why her cells continue to live on. EBV’s resilient. Just like endo.

Time to reset

I do feel like I’ve come across the right information. I’m grateful to have connected with the teachings of Anthony Williams and Spirit.

I’m still recovering from that rock bottom burn out a few years back, but since following William’s advice I’ve been feeling much better.

But there are still days when I feel that exhaustion creeping back in, especially when the healthy habits slip.

Even though I know the steps. I have the information. I know I need to slow down as I tell my clients too….

Are you with me? Feeling burnt out too?

Our livers need some love!

But… before jumping into a drastic cleanse that does more harm than good, a crash diet or exercise plan you know you won’t stick with… let’s go back to the basics and set the foundation for healthy, healing habits.

Let’s start smaller, so that it’s easier to maintain. It’s all about changing your habits so that things stick. Over time small steps add up.

On the Positive Side?

Small nourishing steps support your liver, which is your energy powerhouse. Feed it and treat it well.

And your body, mind and liver need rest! I remind both of us that now.

To help jump-start you back in the right direction I invite you to join me for the free Love Your Liver Workshop.

➡️ Find out more and sign-up here.

Much LOVE,

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