One the primary fears that governs the sacral chakra space is the fear of losing control. This has been a theme in my own journey to healing and comes up again in today’s episode of the Peace with Endo Podcast.

Episode 31 features a chat I had with Anna-Maria Maier, a fellow endo sister, artist and therapist. With a combination of conventional and alternative medicine options she was able to naturally conceive.

We chatted a bit about:

  • Belief systems that can develop and hinder healing.
  • How it’s common when following a holistic path to feel like surgery is “failing”.
  • The issue of control and how letting go and allowing in help is the ticket to getting better.
  • How finding someone who helps you feel heard and understood is powerfully healing.

⬆️ Take a listen above.

About Anna-Maria Maier

Anna-Maria is an artist and has worked on stage, as a teacher in schools and currently started to work as a therapist.

She has a master’s degree in eurythmy pedagogy and a diploma in eurythmy therapy.

Anna-Maria was able to naturally conceive through a mix of conventional and alternative medicine.

Connect with her further on Facebook here. 

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