I came across an old picture of myself as a child. I was sitting at the kitchen table with a stack of paper, a box of markers and colored pencils. I was crafting a new story with my words and drawings.

Later I’d piece together the pages with a hole punch and ribbon. Each year for Christmas I gifted my family members with these books for their entertainment and amusement.

It became part of my tradition.

As I grew older, the stories progressed, along with my words, that expanded into chapters and short books. I pecked out copies on the typewriter with crooked lines of text and the occasional typo… because, well it was much harder to delete and correct words back then! LOL.

Things progressed into word processing software and the ability to preserve my stories to a disk and to print off multiple copies at once. I started to make covers out of cardboard so they would feel more sturdy.

Writing from the heart

Writing has always had a natural pull. It was and is a release for me. The stories held meaning to what was going on in my head and heart.

I do believe that writing is a gateway to my higher Self and this was shown to me at an early age.

It was a way for the vibrations of my soul to come into a physical existence. 

New creations to come…

These memories came to light as I tie up the creation of my newest book, Energetics of Endo. 

I got final edits back for it a few weeks ago and as I re-read my refreshed words excitement startled to bubble up in me.

Along with another emotion… fear. 

The story is vulnerable and is truly a part of my soul. I can feel the energy of it in the words.

While it’s beautiful and safe with me now, there’s always the fear of releasing it out into the world. How will the workings of my soul be received?

The Power of Intention

A couple of months ago I was laid off from my day job which I’ve been working at for the past five years. I’ve been placed in an “in-between time” that’s allowed me to ask… what’s next?

In search of some type of guidance and support I picked up a book from one of my favorite authors, Wayne Dyer, called The Power of Intention.

Every time I read one of Wayne Dyer’s books I come away feeling inspired. I can feel the energy of his soul in the words, which always makes me feel more at peace, trusting that things will work out.

I wrote out several of the intentions Dyer shared in the book in a notepad that’s right next to my bed and I’ve been repeating them before I go to bed.

In line with these intentions, I’ve followed my intuitive nudges, and I’ve been naturally drawn back to Energetics of Endo.

Shaping a new story…

Once I finished with final edits the next step was laying out the words in book format. I had time to figure out how to do this myself.

With this time “in-between” my book design skills advanced even more as I finally learned how to use Adobe InDesign.

I spent hours placing my words into pages that have shaped into a book.

So not only the energy of my words lives within Energetics of Endo, but now the creative book design does too.

While there have been thousands of books that have crossed my hands in my life, it’s only recently that I’ve started paying attention to more than just the words, but rather how they’re crafted together on the page, little details I didn’t notice before.

I was so excited to see the finished product when the proof arrived this week. I made this! (I admit I was slightly disappointed that the proof came with a big “not for resale” banner across the front. Way to ruin the moment, right?)

On the positive side?

It feels good to focus on something bigger. It feels good to follow the intuitive nudges that bring feelings of joy.

I’ve received guidance to keep at it. There’s energy that has been pushing me along the whole time, because there’s power in my words.

Every time I handed a book to my grandmother as a child she would read them, smile and encourage me to keep at it.

“We’ve got a writer on our hands.”

My grandmother died six years ago. I was reminded of her death day with Facebook memories of images of the two of us together. One with us as adults and the other I was a child.

I remembered my grandmother’s encouragement and smiled.

It feels good to be on purpose. Writing is a gift from my heart and it’s to be shared with the world.

If you’re interested in reading Energetics of Endo, you can pre-order an autographed copy here. It will be released to the world on 2.22.19.

I hope in sharing this with you today is to help you to re-connect back to that soul energy of joy.

What lights you up? What do you like to create? If you come to a blank, think back to that younger you. What did the seven year old you like to create? How did you spend your time?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Much LOVE.

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