Early on we’re taught that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I was reminded of this again later in life as I stepped into the world of holistic healing.

I learned about the connection with breakfast, hormones, and blood sugar and how it was important to start your day with healthy fats and protein. This was said to help balance blood sugar for the day.

I followed this advice for years. I added healthy fats and protein to my breakfast, usually in the way of nuts, and advised my clients to do the same.

Recently I learned that eating breakfast this way has not supported my almighty liver. I gained this enlightening information after finishing up Anthony William’s new book, Medical Medium: Liver Rescue.

Your liver processes fat.

One of your liver’s main duties is to process fat. Whenever you eat fat (even healthy fats) your liver releases bile to break it down for your body to use as an energy source.

You don’t want your liver to have to repeatedly raise bile because that takes it away from its other important duties and eventually, over time, it wears your liver out.

Your liver does a lot of work in the early morning hours. It helps clear your body of toxins and waste. When you wake up for the day there may be some remnants of that from the night before.

As soon as I added fat into my body in the morning, my liver shifted from its morning cleansing activities to having to process the fat.

In the book William described it as though you were washing a sink full of dishes and during the process a cup of oil was thrown on top. You’d have to stop, clean up the oil that coated everything, and rewash all of the dishes again.

Best way to start the day…

Your liver could use further support to help flush out toxins from its nightly work and to continue the detox process into the morning hours. To help support my liver during this time, I’ve been following William’s advice.

I start the day with a glass of water with some lemon. This is nourishing for your liver and jumpstarts your digestive process. Learn more here.

Next I juice fresh celery or cucumber. Celery is magical and super healing. Learn why here.

I’ve been trying to keep breakfast light to a piece of fruit.

I was reminded from Medical Medium: Liver Rescue that it’s best to consume fruit on its own so that your body’s able to absorb all the glorious, energizing glucose without interference of fat/protein.

Wait at least 20 minutes after eating the fruit before adding anything else in.

To help support your liver and it’s natural cleansing process, it’s better to hold off on eating fats/protein until lunch time (or later).

Your body signals this choice as your digestive fire is naturally weaker in the morning time. Your body’s not designed to take in heavy fat and protein during this time.

On the positive side?

This has been a shift in my morning and one that I have to be conscious of. It has been habit for so long to start the day with a nut bar.

But I trust Anthony William’s advice, because it has got me results over the past couple of years. If this shift in my morning provides further love to my almighty liver, well that feels good. 💛

If you want to heal your body, reduce your symptoms and feel better with endometriosis, it all goes back to your liver. It’s already the theme for 2019.

The good news is that simple habits like these support your liver every day so it can get back to bigger things… like healing you!

To help get these simple liver-loving habits in place, I invite you to join me for a 7-Day Nourishing Reset.

It starts on January 10, 2019.

➡️ Find out more and register here.

Have you read, Medical Medium: Liver Rescue yet? Have you tried making these breakfast changes?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Much LOVE,

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