I celebrated my 37th birthday last month. Guess who came around for the party? Yup. Good old Flow. Of course. She likes to come around at the worst times, right?

While I was bummed my birthday started with my period, I was grateful that this wasn’t as tragic as it would have been in the past. The pain was relatively mild.

After a nice warm bath with Epsom salt, some tears, and a long nap I woke up feeling much better.

Unfortunately the same couldn’t be said for my husband, Ryan, who was laid up in bed with laryngitis.

No matter. I treated myself to birthday dinner, dessert and a binge session on Netflix. I enjoyed my own company, and acknowledged how far I’ve come.

My period serves as a report card of my cycle, like the final exam after a month’s preparation. I celebrated the fact that I scored A’s on my birthday!

It certainly didn’t happen over night. It came from a lot of little healthy changes over the years that have turned into daily habits.

It’s not one thing.

My journey certainly hasn’t been alone. Ryan’s been with me along the way.

There’s magic in the mirroring of relationships, and much that can be learned from this.

I’ve been witness to the impacts my choices have made on him. He’s more health conscious now too, especially as he starts to experience lingering symptoms of his own.

I’ve watched him dig into his symptoms, trying to figure out what his triggers are. I watched him sifting through his choices, both positive and negative, to see what needs to change.

As the observer I’m reminded again of an underlying lesson: it’s not one thing. 

Both healing and illness come about with an accumulation of lots of little factors.

The choices you make every day add up.

Consistency is key.

Healing is a choice that you commit to every day. When you consistently make good choices that support this path, they turn into habits, and eventually over time you naturally transform.

On the positive side?

As I stepped into the eighth year on this holistic journey, I recognized that I’m not the same person as I was starting out.

I can see the symbolism in my birthday coinciding with a new menstrual cycle with little pain. As if a powerful reminder of re-birth.

It reminds me that anything is possible when you believe you can. 

After 37 years on this earth I’m still standing and proud of how far I’ve come. I’m actually enjoying life now with less pain, more energy and peace with endo.

Do you need help getting here? Do you believe you can? I’m reaching my hand out to you now.

I have to think that all the pain has not been for nothing. I’m here to share what I’ve learned over the past eight years so that you can feel better sooner.

To help, I’ve put together a roadmap to naturally managing endometriosis with clear action steps, support and accountability along the way. It’s called Peace with Endo Connect.

The women that I’ve mentored in this program are seeing great results. They’re losing weight, experiencing less pain and finding their peace with endo.

➡️ I invite you to learn more about Peace with Endo Connect and join us here. 

Much LOVE,



P.S. Enrollment for Peace with Endo Connect closes January 24th at midnight MST, so don’t miss your spot. Join us in the membership here now. 

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