Episode 38 of the Peace with Endo Podcast features a chat I had with Melanie Rossiter, a fellow endo sister, reflexologist, massage therapist and author of the book, Reclaiming Feminine Wisdom: An Empowering Journey with Endometriosis. I connected with Melanie’s story and found many similarities in our healing journeys.

In the episode today we chatted about:

  • The topic of shame and how this emotion comes into play with endometriosis;
  • The energetic disconnection that happens with endo and how to reconnect back to your womb space;
  • Womb massage and how this powerful modality can help you heal on a physical and emotional level;
  • How cycle awareness can change your experience with endo;
  • Advice for women who are making the decision to have a hysterectomy and what to do if you decide that’s the best route for you.

⬆️ Take a listen above.

About Melanie Rossiter
Melanie Rossiter
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Melanie Rossiter found a holistic path to empower herself with endometriosis, which she shares more about in her book, Reclaiming Feminine Wisdom: An Empowering Journey with Endometriosis. 

Her journey involved reclaiming personal power and trusting her intuitive guidance. Now she serves as a guide to support women on their journeys.

As a reflexologist and massage therapist she believes in incorporating emotional, spiritual and physical points of view when managing endo. She helps her clients reconnect to their feminine nature and feel confident with their bodies.

Her workshops and retreats help women connect to their inner wisdom, learn about the relationship with their cycle, and how they can tap into its wisdom and power.

Connect further:

website: melanierossiter.com

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