I celebrated my endo-versary last Friday. It marked eight years since my official diagnosis with endometriosis and all the changes that came in my life thereafter.

Fittingly, I spent a good majority of the day relaxing in the sun with a great book in hand called Radical Remission by Dr. Kelly Turner.

Turner worked as a counselor for cancer patients and has compiled a decade’s worth of research to help bring to light factors that can influence Radical Remission.

What I loved most about the book were the personal stories of cancer patients, who despite insurmountable odds, experienced radical remission of the dis-ease.

Many ended up feeling blessed that the experience happened to them. When faced with death, they were forced to evaluate their life and why cancer showed up in their body.

Nine Healing Factors

While the book’s about cancer, I related to the nine different themes that were common among the healing stories in Radical Remission, because I’ve had similar experiences on my healing journey with endometriosis.

The following nine factors were a common theme among the patients who experienced Radical Remission. Here’s how I’ve related to them over the past eight years on my personal healing journey.

#1. Radically change your diet.

This is one of the first changes I made after receiving an official endometriosis diagnosis. I’d read about other women’s success with following the “endo diet” and I decided to jump two feet in.

I started to feel better pretty quickly after cutting out the inflammatory foods that made up most of my diet at the time. I didn’t realize how bad certain foods made me feel until I changed what I put into my body.

(If you want to do the same, and need some direction, check out my course, Endo Diet Jump-start here.)

#2. Take control of your health.

I didn’t like the options presented to me in Westernized medicine for endometriosis: birth control pills, Lupron, surgery. No, thanks.

I’d been on the pill for a decade and I didn’t want to go back down that path. When my body ached after laparascopic surgery, I told myself I was going to do all I could to avoid having to go through that again.

I chose instead to follow more of a holistic path. This was driven by my natural desire to research, and learn new things. I started to piece together systems within the body and how important the mind/body connection is.

Making positive changes helped me feel more in control of my health and endometriosis.

#3. Follow your intuition.

Yes! It’s not surprising to me that this was on the list. It’s so important to create space to listen to that voice inside. Your inner guide will not steer you wrong.

Notice those intuitive nudges and gut feelings, especially when it comes to choices you make about your health. 

Notice subtle synchronicities that serve as signs along the way. I loved how many of these showed up in Radical Remission.

#4. Herbs & Supplements

Herbs and supplements have certainly played a role in my healing journey. I know it’s easy to overdo this one! Herbs and supplements can serve as a “supplement” to a healthy diet, but they certainly don’t take the place of one. You can’t supplement yourself out of a dis-ease.

But in addition to a healthy diet, they can help support your body’s natural healing abilities.

(Check out the supplements that I recommend for endometriosis here.)

#5. Release suppressed emotions.

After making changes with my diet, adding in supplements, and making big changes to manage stress, I hit a wall in my healing journey.

I felt better most of the time, but I still struggled with horrible, excruciating pain with my periods.

It wasn’t until I addressed the deeper emotional factors at play in my body-mind-spirit that big changes happened… quickly! I was finally able to release most of that pain.

This was aided by energy work. I had success with Reiki and I connected with an amazing healer who helped me to identify and release many layers of past emotional and spiritual pain that were impacting my physical being.

(I share more of my experience with this in my new book, Energetics of Endo. Check it out here.)

#6. Increase positive emotions.

While releasing negative emotions surely helps, it’s also key to increase positivity and intentionally bring joy into your life.

It helps me to surround myself with positive inspiration that it’s possible to heal. I’ve done my best to shed the nay-sayers so that I can stay on my healing course.

If there’s nothing else that I’ve learned in the last eight years, it’s that belief plays an incredibly important role. You have to believe that it’s possible to get better with endometriosis… or you won’t.

Filling my head with inspirational stories like those found in Radical Remission helps to feed that belief, and it validated that what I’ve done over the past eight years works!

#7. Embrace social support.

I’m not sure where I would be today without the connections I’ve made with other endo sisters online, who’ve shared support, advice, and direction along the way.

It really helps to have a network of women following a holistic path who believe that it’s possible to get better and take action to do so.

(If you’re looking for that support and guidance check out my membership program, Peace with Endo Connect here.)

#8. Spiritual Connection

I give credit to endo for awakening a greater spiritual connection in my life. Pain has served as one of my greatest teachers.

This spiritual connection shows up for me with meditation, prayer, and creative acts that connect with my higher self.

My healing journey solidified my belief in angels and spiritual guides that are here to serve me along the way. The information and radical healing I’ve received through these channels is super fascinating to me.

Having faith has played a key role in my life, and it keeps me going on the days that are hard.

#9. Reason for living

There have been times along the way where I’ve seen endo compared to cancer with one major difference. Cancer can kill you, while endo is a slow suffering that doesn’t come with a finality like that. The long, drawn out suffering with little hope for it to end… that can feel suffocating and make it so you want to die.

I know. I’ve been in that place.

What helps pull you away from the darkness, and back into healing energy, is having purpose and a reason for living. For me this has shown up as various creative projects that keep me going, like this space here, and the books that I’ve written along the way.

I live because of the unconditional love from my husband and two beautiful boxers. I live for the small moments of joy and beauty in this world that you see when you’re present and paying attention.

I relish in time outdoors and experiencing the beauty of Mother Nature.

On the Positive Side?

Endometriosis changed the course of my life. This mysterious condition with no “cure” got me curious. Over the past eight years of my life I’ve pieced together many parts of the puzzle, and due to many changes, big and small along the way, I’m happy to report that endometriosis no longer bugs me like it used to.

This started with a choice to take a different path and to be open to exploration, as many of the stories in Radical Remission showed as well. It served as greater inspiration and validation for me that it’s all been worth it.

Do you relate to any of the nine healing factors that encouraged radical remission? How have they played out on your healing journey?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Much LOVE,

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