Episode 43 of the Peace with Endo Podcast includes a conversation I had with Meg Bateman, a fellow endo sister and advocate. I connected with Meg in an endometriosis support group online and noticed her passion to support and educate other women with endo on the holistic path to wellness. I’m excited that she agreed to share some of her story and wisdom with us today. 

On the show we chatted about:

  • The Autoimmune Protocol (or AIP): what that entails and how it can help with endometriosis and other chronic conditions;
  • How the emotional component, being an empath and in relationships impacts life with chronic illness and how to handle that;
  • Why it’s important for us to speak up, educate, and advocate for better research and care for endometriosis;
  • Overcoming fear and creating change in your life that serves your body so that you can experience better health.

⬆️ Take a listen above.

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Meg Bateman
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Meg and her husband, Jeff, are adventurers at heart. They love to explore the west coast with their two rescue dogs, Riley and Pebbles.

Meg works with brands in the wellness and allergy-friendly niches to help them with their social media strategy.

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website: www.megbateman.com

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