We took the dogs out on a walk late in the afternoon when the weather cooled a bit. It looked like it might rain, but we decided we could beat the storm and make it quick.

Big drops started to fall as we rounded the corner, and we considered turning around, but instead quickened our pace through it. Then we hit the half way point and the drops hardened into hail!

We ran to the covered picnic tables at the park as a flash of water dumped down.

Some of our neighbors took shelter under there too with two small girls. We all huddled, shivering from the drastic drop in temperature, and from our wet clothes and fur.

One of the guys had his phone with him and noted that a severe weather advisory was in place for the rest of the night. So, as soon as a break happened with the hail we made a move and walked the rest of the way in the rain.

Rain & Endometriosis Flare-Ups

When I got home, I experienced a horrible flare. I was exhausted, took a nap, and woke up to aches and pains in my legs, lower back and pelvic space. My head and throat were both throbbing.

Since reading Anthony William’s book, Medical Medium: Liver Rescue  I learned that rain is a “liver trouble-maker”.

It’s full of toxins from the sky and air from jet fuel, dust particles from agricultural lands, and even in the neighborhood with residue of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

All of this comes down in the rain and is instantly absorbed by your skin. These chemicals find their way to your liver.

Those of us with sensitive nervous systems (hello endo!), fatigue and joint pain or sinus issues will likely feel symptoms worsen a couple of days after being soaked in the rain.

I experienced all those symptoms! I felt horrible. All from a walk in the rain?

When I first read this in Medical Medium: Liver Rescue I was like, really? Rain!

But since learning this I’ve become more aware and notice those flare-ups after being in the rain, especially after being soaked by it.

Have you noticed that too?

On the Positive Side?

So, what can we do about it? Besides avoid being out in the rain.

Support your liver!

Anthony William’s book Medical Medium: Liver Rescue is a great resource. He gives plenty of advice on what you can do to help support your liver.

Also, in alignment with what I’ve learned from the book I’ve put together a free Love Your Liver Workshop

The liver is a key piece in feeling better with endometriosis and any chronic illness and it needs your love!

The workshop starts on August 15th. Register to join us below. 

Much LOVE,

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