On episode 46 of the Peace with Endo Podcast I chatted with Wendy Laidlaw an author, certified health coach, (specializing in endometriosis and adenomyosis), and founder of HealEndometriosisNaturally.com and EndoBoss.com.

In today’s show…

  • Wendy shared her story with endo and adenomyosis and her exploration of a holistic path, getting to the root cause of the issues, and putting both conditions into remission.
  • She shares what has helped her feel better, including tapping into her intuitive wisdom via journaling, adding in nutritious foods, and tips on avoiding wheat, which can be one of the biggest triggers for endo.
  • We also chatted about how important it is to address endometriosis, emotions, and surviving as a highly sensitive being in this world so that you can heal on a whole level of body, mind and spirit.

I hope you enjoy our conversation today and it inspires you to take the first step to feeling better.

⬆️ Take a listen above.

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About Wendy Laidlaw
Wendy Laidlaw
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Wendy is an Author, Certified Heath Coach (specialising in Endometriosis and Adenomyosis), and Founder of HealEndometriosisNaturally.com and EndoBoss(™).com

Wendy put her many debilitating conditions into remission naturally including: Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, cysts, adhesions, chronic fatigue and Mitochondria dysfunction. 

Wendy now helps women globally through her online Programs to identify the underlying root causes; to achieve the same pain-free results.

Connect further:

website: www.healendometriosisnaturally.com

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