​Episode 50 of the Peace with Endo Podcast features Zahra Haji from Yoga Goddess.

Zahra is a registered psychotherapist and women’s reproductive health and fertility coach. She helps women address the psychological and emotional aspects of infertility and her online Moon Goddess Cycle-Harmonizing, Fertility-Enhancing practice helps women conceive.

In today’s show Zahra and I chatted about…

  • The phases of the menstrual cycle and how they relate to the seasons of the year;
  • The link between the moon and your menstrual cycle and what it means if you get your period during the new moon, the full moon or the transitional periods in-between?
  • Addressing the psychological and emotional aspects of fertility with endometriosis and unraveling the layers of physical, emotional and spiritual healing that are needed before bringing new life into this world.

⬆️ Take a listen.

P.S. I love digging more into the emotional and spiritual components behind endometriosis and infertility and that’s a big part of what I explore in my newest book, Energetics of Endo. I invite you to pick up an autographed copy here or you can get a copy on Amazon.com

About Zahra Haji
Zahra Haji
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Zahra Haji is the Yoga Goddess. She created the first online fertility yoga and meditation program, which is practiced by women in over 25 countries. The Moon Goddess cycle-harmonizing, fertility-enhancing practice has helped over 50% of her clients conceive.

Zahra is also a Registered Psychotherapist, and Women’s Reproductive Health & Fertility Coach, helping women address the often left-out psychological and emotional aspects of infertility.

If you want to learn more about about how Zahra and Yoga Goddess can help you conceive, visit www.yogagoddess.ca.

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website: yogagoddess.ca

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