Episode 51 of the Peace with Endo Podcast features Shannon Cohn, a fellow endo sister, and director and producer of the amazing documentary film Endo What?

In today’s show…

  • Shannon shared more about the film, Endo What, and a bit more on the new documentary that she’s working on in relation to endometriosis as a social justice issue, which is super exciting!
  • She shared some of the endometriosis awareness initiatives that have come as a result of Endo What, including the school nurse initiative that’s helping to educate nurses about the early signs and symptoms of endometriosis that may show up in students.
  • Shannon shared some tips and advice for those of you who want to help spread endometriosis awareness and make a difference in the community.
  • And the importance of validation and creating a collective voice of change with endometriosis.

⬆️ Take a listen.

About Shannon Cohn
Shannon Cohn
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Shannon Cohn is a documentary producer and director. Her work has been broadcast on PBS, Nat Geo and Discovery Channel, among others.

Before becoming a filmmaker, she practiced international law and was part of the legal team who prosecuted Enron.

She went to the Graduate Film School at NYU. She has endometriosis and has two young daughters with a 7x increased risk of having the disease.

Connect further:

website: endowhat.com

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