Episode 53 of the Peace with Endo Podcast features Jessica Duffin, a fellow endo sister and founder of This EndoLife blog and podcast. She lives in the UK and recently graduated from the Integrative Women’s Health Institute as an Integrative Women’s Health Coach.

She just released a new book called This EndoLife, It Starts with Breakfast: A nutrition guide & cookbook for living and thriving with endometriosis. 

In today’s show Jess shares…

  • Her story with endometriosis and what inspired her to start her blog and podcast;
  • What has helped her feel better naturally including diet changes with focus on blood sugar balance, exercise, and recommended supplements;
  • How to make holistic changes manageable and sustainable over time even when you’re on a budget;
  • Her experience with a past eating disorder and what happened when she started to eat for endo and care for her body.

⬆️ Take a listen.

About Jessica Duffin
This Endo Life: It Starts with Breakfast: Living and Thriving with Endometriosis
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Jessica Duffin is the endo warrior behind This EndoLife blog and podcast and lives in the UK. She has just graduated from the Integrative Women’s Health Institute as an Integrative Women’s Health Coach and is now about to embark on further studies to specialize in endometriosis and chronic pelvic pain.

Jessica writes weekly and monthly columns for Endometriosis News and Endometriosis Net, has both worked and volunteered for the UK’s leading endometriosis charity, has consulted on committees and working groups about endometriosis and played a key role in getting menstrual wellbeing taught in schools in England from 2020.

She has appeared in Women’s Health (online and print), Thought Catalog, POPSUGAR and Wellbeing of Women and has spoken about endometriosis on ITV and the BBC.

Connect further:

website: www.thisendolife.com

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