Episode 62 of the Peace with Endo Podcast features fellow endo sister, Antonella Rodriguez. In today’s show she shared…

  • Some of her story with endometriosis;
  • Tips to help prep for before and after endometriosis surgery;
  • What has helped her feel better physically and mentally, including healing modalities that she’s tried such as yoni steaming and acupuncture.

⬆️ Take a listen.

About Antonella Rodriguez
Antonella Rodriguez
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Antonella is a 23-year old esthetician from New York. She found out she had endometriosis four years ago, and since then has tried different healing modalities to feel better including supplements for endometriosis, yoni steaming and acupuncture. 

She hopes that by sharing her story and experiences with endometriosis that she helps other women feel less alone and inspired to find ways to cope with a condition that can feel hopeless at times. 


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