Episode 63 of the Peace with Endo Podcast features Brittney Denson, a fellow endo sister, and founder of The Endo Channel, where she interviews endo experts and shares her story with how she found freedom and more pain free days with endometriosis.

In today’s show…

  • Brittney shared some of her story with endo and how it’s impacted her on a mental and emotional level;
  • She shared what she’s learned on her healing journey along the way…
  • From finding the right endo expert, to facing old scars, and releasing trauma that was trapped in her body from childhood, on to the surgeries she faced with endometriosis.

I hope you enjoy our conversation and it inspires you to explore deeper and not give up.

⬆️ Take a listen.

I related to Brittney’s story as the missing piece for me too was addressing trauma and opening up to receive true emotional and spiritual healing. I shared more about this in my newest book, Energetics of Endo. Pick up an autographed copy here.

About Brittney Denson
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Brittney’s professional background kickstarted in corporate staffing for accounting and administrative roles. Her unshakeable desire to go above and beyond for her team and clients, led to an offer to step into the franchise owner’s role upon retirement. However, life led her husband and her to Austin, Texas.

Following her passion, she began modeling, multi-published, runway shows, including Austin’s Bridal Couture Week, to landing 2nd in Texas for Jetset Magazine Cover Model contest. Catch her live modeling on Austin’s popular lifestyle TV show, Studio 512, on your local NBC, for Austin boutique Lure by Y&F

Brittney’s modeling was designed to build a platform to shout from, bring focus and change to one of the most common diseases that not many have heard of, endometriosis. The Endo Channel was born.

In 2014 she took to social media and shared her endo journey publicly in efforts to spread awareness, hope, and direction for proper treatment. Tune in to The Endo Channel on FB, IG, & YouTube, where she also interviews endo experts, and share how she found freedom, leading to her pain free life.

Her journey led her into construction sales, where she quickly became top performer, and sales team manager. The desire to sell her husband’s new builds led her to become a licensed real estate agent. With residential construction being such a big part of her family’s life, she knew this would be a meaningful addition.

As she grows her real estate business she will be financially fueling her vision and network, The Endo Channel, in efforts to bring facts, direction, and even more growth within the endo community. 10+ years for souls to receive an accurate diagnosis is unacceptable, beyond time for change. Healing.

What she now knows was the missing key to her healing, is getting to the deep rooted issues, and releasing the trapped trauma in the body, dating back to childhood up to her most recent surgery in 2018.

She has been pain free ever since. Not just more good days than bad, pain free.

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