From Pain to Peace With Endo

Lessons Learned on the Road to Healing Endometriosis

From Pain to Peace with EndoYour body has an amazing capacity to heal when given the proper nourishment.

Learn about the interplay of your body’s natural healing mechanisms to put in place an environment to ward off endometriosis and related conditions:

  • Learn how to eat to decrease inflammation in your body and why healthy digestion is key.
  •  Understand the connection of your hormones & endometriosis.
  • See why it is necessary to release toxins from your body & mind.
  • Learn how to find peace and love for your body and that, which is greater than your physical shell.

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When Aubree was 29 years old she was officially diagnosed with endometriosis. She realized that she did not want to treat it with drugs or surgery. Instead she took an alternative road on a journey to whole healing – on a physical, emotional and spiritual level… and the rest is history.

As a certified holistic health coach and found of Peace With Endo, Aubree is deeply passionate about wellness and inspiring other women with endometriosis to reconnect with a life filled with love and positive rhythms.

Aubree is available for speaking events on the subjects of nutrition, healthy lifestyle, stress management and overcoming suffering.

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