Tune Into Your Cycle Video Series

Impacts of Birth Control

birth control impactsIt wasn’t until late in my twenties that I had any idea of how the menstrual cycle works. All I knew was that my periods were super painful.

When I was 17, I got on birth control pills and my cycles essentially stopped as the artificial hormones impacted my brain, shutting off signals to my ovaries.

Birth control gave me peace of mind that I was preventing pregnancy, but I didn’t know about the long term effects of that decision.

Birth control damages your gut and strips your body of essential fertility vitamins: B, C, Zinc, and Magnesium. Because of this damage to your gut, birth control pills impact your immune system, making you more prone to other autoimmune conditions.

Benefits of Fertility Awareness Method (FAM)

fertility awareness methodThe good news is there’s another natural way to prevent pregnancy, or achieve it, if that’s your goal. It’s called the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) and it’s super simple to do.

Gaining awareness of your cycle is powerful. See the benefits of using FAM:

  • See where you are in your cycle and the corresponding patterns of your emotional and physical symptoms. I have definite patterns through my cycle!
  • Detect if you are ovulating or not and when. Detecting ovulation helps give you an idea of when your period will arrive. This is always handy if you plan things around your period.
  • Get a heads up the day your period will start. If you’re not reminded otherwise 🙂
  • Know when you are pregnant – no guessing or stress.
  • Help alternative practitioners or savvy gynecologists detect where your cycle needs support.

Want to Learn How to Utilize FAM?

get-in-tune-with-your-cycleI’ve put together a five part video series to teach you how to implement the fertility awareness method.

Here’s What You Will Learn…

#1.) What Tools You Need to Chart Your Cycle
#2.) Step One: Take Morning Basal Body Temperature
#3.) Step Two: Note Fertility and Ovulation Signs
#4.) Detect Your Coverline
#5.) Evaluating Your Luteal Phase

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